"notebook from corsica" in use

notebooks from corsica
A French contact commented on my Flickr page that my so-called "notebooks from corsica" are actually designed to be used as tickets. here's a nice example: my ticket from "La Chapelle du Rosaire" designed by Matisse in Vence, France. My philosophy is that you can appropriate anything into a notebook.


speculator said...

What an enjoyable blog! Really glad to have stumbled upon it (a la "Jour de Fete").


PS- I'm a lifelong fan/user of Clairefontaine notebooks.

jweeks said...

Dear Jenn Hsu,

I edit China Digital Times out of UC Berkeley and was wondering if we could post one of your photos on Flickr of a Tibetan businessman on a snowy slope onto our site as our photo of the day.

I can be reached at



margie said...

hello jen,

you will not doubt be very envious when you see the very rare notebook i have... visit my blog entry called, of course, the rare notebook to have a look.

Timothy said...

Hi Jennifer

Great site!

I'm publishing a book next Spring about designer's sketchbooks, and stumbled across your great collection of notebooks... I wondered if you'd be up for sharing a few images for the book-- I'd happily give you and the blog a credit in the book...

If you're interested, please give me an email at