winner of best notebook paper 2007

winner of best notebook paper 2007
notebook by nava notes, a company based out of milan, italy. it looks like any other smart european notebook until you OPEN THE BOOK UP and see the "date it yourself" pages!


Jannell Turner Gill said...

ahhhh... the act of circling the day, month, year is very SATISFYING... why is that?

where do i get one of these?

by the way, who coined it the Winner of best notebook paper... just curious?

Jennifer Hsu said...

haha! i named it the winner! or, rather, the Museum of Notebooks did!

Jeff said...

I like that a lot. I think I'll swipe the idea for my hand-made personal paper planner pages.

Duc Ly said...

This notebook has been getting a lot of attentions lately.

LizB said...

yes, it's nice, but when i went to turn the page in mine, it ripped along the perforation too easily. It's not that strong a construction. And I treat my notebooks with a lot of care.

Just FYI