notebooks from the philippines that remind me of ice cream

My friend Prabda is in the Philippines right now and kindly sent me over these charming notebooks. He got them at the National Bookstore, across the street from one of the country’s most prestigious universities, Ateneo de Manila, in Quezon City (a section of Manila). Thanks, Prabda! I'd love to know what the bottom notebook says...


myrza said...

It says:


About our national language

Sulat= to write/letter
mga= the (plural)

myrza said...

and further down (with the blank lines)

Pangalan= Name
Baitang= Class
Guro= Teacher

Notebook Stories said...

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brandon said...

I also wanted to invite you to submit to Moleskine/Chronicle Books' myDetour contest! You can find details about the contest here.

transitionyourlife said...

When are you coming back to posting? I know baby's make us busy.

Your readers miss you.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

these look delicous!

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Sarah said...

I love the colours of these notebooks, they have put a smile on my face that is sure to last the day.


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