Girl Notebook

girl notebookwith paper illustration that folds off the cover. measures 3 in. x 2 in. found this in tokyo


Jannell Turner Gill said...

ahh, yes, such detail in small things. that's what I love about the Japanese... attention to detail.
The paperfolding is beautifully done, the girl so cute. The book is hand bound with stitching... a rare treat!!

Jennifer Hsu said...

oh, and YOU were with me when i bought this! remember that day in tokyo where we found all this great stationary: we ran around all day shopping. i bought my favorite Panda stickers that day...and found this gem. that was such a fun time!

Jannell Turner Gill said...

yes, i still have my notebook similar to this one... i think mine's red with a little girl in braids.